Data Onboarding

Identify your offline customers from your prospects in online world

The Principle of Onboarding

By using its exclusive proprietary data repository comprised of some 30 million individuals connected to over 90 million cookies, Temelio is able to digitize your offline CRM data in 72 hours via a secure and anonymized process. You can then identify and target these populations in your digital ecosystem and tailor your websites and advertising campaigns to match your audience.

Onboarding of your CRM file, establishing a link between a customer profile and an online ID, identification of your customer in the online ecosystem

Use cases

Temelio’s Added-Value


Exact individual match

Temelio makes use of all of the available ID keys (e-mail, phone, postal codes, and others) for deterministic customer data (ou, profile) matching.

ciblage cross device

Cross-device targeting

Temelio provides a cross-device view of each digitized customer profile so that you can reach your target audiences on all of their screens.


Your ecosystem

Temelio distributes your digitized data to all types of marketing and media platforms: DMPs, DSPs, trading desks, personalization solutions and more.

Streamlined and autonomous database management

A trusted third-party SaaS platform (Privacy by Design), so that you can manage your database digitization totally independently and whenever you want..

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Screenshot of the SaaS platform used to onboard your customer files

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