Demographic Data

Use a deterministic approach to target Internet-users with high added-value profiles for your brand

Offer Overview

Temelio’s quality assured socio-economic data comes from offline databases aggregated by our partners, Cartegie et Profilia. This unique data in the digital ecosystem was digitized thanks to the company’s recognized expertise in Onboarding technologies and enables it to provide you with a reliably qualified audience based on numerous criteria.

The company’s gender and age-related data were validated by SFK and Temelio accorded a reliability index rating of over 90%.


This procedure, which is based on totally anonymized databases, is the first of its kind in the market and can serve a benchmark standard for advertisers and online marketing specialists in terms of data profiling quality.

Benoit Hubert, Scientific Director at GfK

15 million qualified cross-device cookies

Targeting criteria :

ypes of data available: gender, age, presence of children, habitation status, location, movers…

100% deterministic

This data is derived from 60 digitized offline databases, or exclusively profiles qualified as deterministic

Unparalleled quality

The quality of the data was validated by the company GfK; Temelio obtained an overall reliability index rating of over 90%


The socio-economic segments can be activated on the various devices in use (desktops, tablets, mobiles)