Monetize your online, offline and mobile data

Are you a publisher and looking new sources of revenue? Temelio allows you to monetize the data generated by your website, mobile app or emailing database.

Temelio offers its advertiser clients an SaaS platform enabling them to digitize their offline CRM data by connecting it to actionable data (cookies or mobile IDs) generated by Internet and mobile applications. In order to achieve this objective, the company is constantly on the lookout for partner publishers to enrich its platform with unstructured data. Its client advertisers can then use this information to target their ads more effectively during the course of customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns.

Temelio’s service is of value to all parties involved: the publishers, who get an extra source of revenue from an asset that’s instantly and directly available; advertisers, who are able to optimize their media investments; and Internet-users, who are exposed to ads better targeted to their needs and expectations.

Temelio operates in strict accordance with current European regulations concerning the collection and processing (ou, use) of personal data and guarantees the privacy of both users and the publishers that provide the data.

Contact our partnership team to find out more about how you can generate additional revenue by putting your data to good use.