Shopper Data

Reach your product consumers with well-targeted, high-impact digital campaigns.

Offer Overview

Shopper Data is a turnkey solution that combines audience planning, targeting and measurement for CPG and FMCG brands. Through partnerships with leading retailers, Shopper Data allows brands to target and personalize their digital campaigns based on offline consumer data and to measure the impact in-store.

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1. Data targeting

With its recognized expertise in Onboarding technology, Temelio is able to digitize the transactions of millions of loyalty cardholders so that you can reach out to these consumers with relevant and highly-targeted digital media campaigns.

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2. Media activation

Temelio’s data targeting and campaign management tools, backed by its team of dedicated experts, enables you streamline the deployment of your media activation plan.


3. On/Offline measuring

By converging data from the online/offline worlds, Temelio can track the purchasing behavior of Internet-users exposed to your banner ads and measure the impact of your digital campaigns on your in-store sales performance.

Over 12 million qualified cross-device profiles

Customer insights: consumed products, consumed brands, customer profiles

1st party data

Temelio provides its clients with brand/consumer product customer segments from its e-retailer CRM databases

100% deterministic

The data is deterministic and anonymized and based on real consumer behavior according to socio-economic category


The digitized profiles can be activated on a range of different devices (desktops, tablets and mobiles)

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